Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools Day

So... today is April Fools Day. Last nite I took Sei's LA LAKERS license plate frame off his car and replaced it with my DALLAS MAVERICKS frame. I also put my big Mavs magnet on the passenger side of the car. That's it. I listened as Sei left for work. If it took too long for him to start his car and leave then I would know I was busted. Nope- he left quickly as usual and drove the 15 minutes to work. Yessssssss. I didn't care if he found my trick after that because him driving to work was all I wanted. See- everytime he gets in my car he takes the Mavs magnet off the car because he's embarrassed. Well, today he drove down the highway with the magnet on his car for all to see. He called me later to tell me I'm a dork. And yes- his car is sitting in the P.D. parking lot with my Mavs frame around his plates. I hope his co-workers see it because they give him heck all the time about his Lakers frame. Yesssssssssssss. Happy April Fools Day babe!!


Isabel and Taj have been taking karate for about a month. They've gone to 4 classes so far. The teacher is so impressed with Isabel. He asked Sei last nite if she could test for her yellow belt next week. He can't believe the info she retains and how crisp she is with her moves. (Or whatever the word is...) She really enjoys it too, so watch out! Next week I'll have a yellow belt living in my houose. "Besides, we both know I'm training to become a cage fighter."


Tristan and Alec are excited because in a couple of weeks the "Run and Gun" 7-on-7 tag football tournaments start. Tristan played in a couple last year and Alec is stoked he can this year. The boys came to tell me about it and I said, "Awesome! I can use my cowbell!!" Their faces... AWESOME. CLASS.IC. Embarrassing them- or making them *think* I will embarrass them is so entertaining to me.


Speaking of embarrassing the kids... apparently during spring break while the older kids were at the ex's he asked them "So does your mom ever embarrass you?" Alec and Isabel said "No." Tristan said, "Only when she dances in the car and says to me when I go to the bus 'Make good choices!" I told Tdog if THAT was all he had on me I am failing at my job as a mother of a teenager. Why my ex asked them that, I don't know. But whatever... Oh, and for the record- my in-car dancing is off the hook and I only say "Make good choices!" because the mom on "Freaky Friday" does it. But I don't do it loud-- I have my "cool mom" rep to uphold.


Did y'all watch '24' on Monday? I've given you sufficient time if you haven't so... here's all I have to say:

  • Pres. Taylors' daughter is pissin' me off.
  • Aaron: DO NOT TRUST Olivia. She's full of crap.
  • Speakin of "full of crap"- I totally called it that Seaton (or however you spell it) was.
  • I went to bed totally stressed about the FBI guys surrounded and trapped.
  • Jack!!!!! Font size

That is all.

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Nathan said...

I can't wait to embarrass my daughter. I'm a nerd anyway, so I probably won't even have to try.

Mrs. Organic said...

How sad is it that the only April Fool's joke I can think to play on Mr. O is the whole "we're pregant" gig. Which would probably give him a heart attack and since I need him around, I can't bring myself to do it. Sigh...

Heidi said...

I am so lame-o when it comes to playing "jokes" on my husband. I need to take lessons from you!!

Yvonne said...

This is one of the first April Fool's I didn't do any kind of joke--oh well ; ) Your license plate joke was GREAT.

I embarrass my kids all the time--it's just a fact.

Oh 24--I agree 100% about the daughter--bad news.

I think Aaron is a pretty smart cookie.

I didn't see it with Seaton guy and am VERY DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF.

I wasn't sure about Ethan for a long time. I still am heartbroken about Bill ; (((

I should really tivo it and watch it in the morning so I have time to get over the stress before I go to bed.

swampbaby said...

Without fail, every time after I watch 24 on the DVR before I go to bed I have freaky, intense dreams. Every.single.time. This time I was trying to rescue some kids from a building, we were surrounded, and all we had weapons-wise was a stun gun.

Whitney said...

Good joke! I can never think of fun/clever pranks.
I love how you say "Make Good Choices" to your kids, my mom always would say stuff like that to us, too. (Be safe! Choose the Right! etc.)

Shelby Lou said...

i can't believe you pulled that dirty trick on sei!

I wouldn't mind if you were my mom. Because I probably dance just as awesome as you.

I seriously thought of freaky friday when you said "Make Good Choices" haha

The best one I have ever heard is.. Remember who you are and what you stand for, stay vertical because bad things happen horizontal, and always return with honor.

yeah. seriously.

Mikelene said...

I had to click over and watch the "ND" clip. Cuz Kip is sooo manly.
I'm like Shelby Lou: That line makes me think of JL Curtis in "Freaky Friday". And I say it to my girls (not everyday). Embarrassing your kids is part of a mom's job. Right?

I think it's great that Isabel is taking karate.

Nice going with the Lakers trick.
I wasn't feeling clever enough to pull off any pranks this year.

Kimberly said...

Hey Tori! I've seen you comment on a few of me friends and want to be your friend! Can you have too many?......nah ;)

NOBODY said...

Way to go Isabel! That's awesome.

And nice April Fool's joke. You're funny, that all you wanted was him to drive to work with the magnet on. He's living in the wrong state to be embarrassed by the Mavs.

I say "Make good choices" to Bo when I drop him off. I didn't even know it was a movie quote. I thought I was original and brilliant.

Momma Magpie said...

I hope she gets her yellow belt-- how exciting for her. That's fast! I bet the gymnastics will make her really good in a lot of different athletics, but I can see how it would make her especially strong in Karate! Go Isabel!

Nancy Face said...

"Awesome! I can use my cowbell!!"

Haha, I love it! :D

aubrey said...

yay! i loved your april fool's joke. i wish i was creative. or at least REMEMBERED it was april fools last week. oh well. haha.

No Cool Story said...

You know I actually own a real cowbell, right?
I could bring it with me ;)