Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't hate ;)

* Don't be jealous, but in my hands I hold the VERY FIRST COPY of Sei's new cd!!! He gave it to me and even autographed it for me. Don't be jealous of my nails either. They cost less than $5 at Walmart. (Thanks Sister!!) And the red hair? It's a hair flair from this site. And the sweet corn shirt? It's from Nobody. And the big bags under my eyes? Thank you kids! To get the over all facial expression just pull your head in and say "heeeeee."
Anyway... Sei's cd is out and ready to ship so head on over to!! :)
* This week has gone so fast. Kelsea and Karlea go back to freakin' Saskatchewan tomorrow morning. Being the cool parents Sei and I are, we let Isabel skip school 3 times this week and Alec skipped twice. Tristan didn't want to "get behind in his classes." Nerd. (Seriously- where did he get that from?) It's been a great visit and we sure miss them when they aren't here. :( Our family doesn't feel complete.

* We have 4 bedrooms. Ideally it's suppose to be Isabel in her own room, Alec & Tristan share, Taj & Liv share and Sei & I obviously share. And when Kelsea and Karlea are here they are suppose to bunk in Isabel's room. (She has a bunk with a full and twin.) Last nite these were our sleeping arrangements and this is pretty much the norm: Karlea and Livie on the bottom full size bunk in Isabel's room until 5am when Liv came to my bed, Alec, Kelsea and Taj sprawled out on the hide-a-bed in the living room, Tristan in his bed, Izzy in Alec's bed and then Sei & me in our bed. No one is Taj/Liv's room. Why the kids like to sleep on the hide-a-bed is beyond me?!?

* Sometimes I feel like everyone sucks and then I remember what great friends I have and I remind myself it's not EVERYONE that sucks, just a select few. :)

* Random? Why, yes I am.

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Lauren said...

I love your hair, nails, cute shirt, your face AND that you got the first CD! Cuuuute!

Really, they were under 5 bones?

Kimberly said...

Hey! You look so cute!!! I love good deals. Nails for $5!! Thou shalt not steal sister!! haha jk. I <3 how he signed his biggest fans' cd.

Yvonne said...

Of course, you should get the first CD ; )

LOL at the comment about the bags. You look great--as always.

Don't you ask yourself "why do we have so many bedrooms"????

Whitney said...

Yay for autographed goodies! :) I love the red in your hair, too!
What a cool mom for letting your kids skip school. I bet they're just waiting for summer to get here!!!

Heidi said...

Very Cute pic Tori! And... can't wait to get MY cd in the mail! It better have an autograph and a very unique,just for us, message in it. Thanks again for the fun pkgs. We love you guys!!!!! :)

Klin said...

Ooooh will Sei be autographing other cd's, too?

You look hawt! Bet Sei already told you that, huh?

So If I plan to come to TX and stay with you I should come when K&K are there so there will be a bed for me, right? Ok, I'll get planning.

aubrey said...

yay for sei's cd! and sad about the girls having to head back home..i bet your house is so much fun with everyone in it partying. {that cracks me up about tristan not wanting to skip.}

No Cool Story said...

I read this post while listening to the girls/Sei singing.


I am totally jealous and happy for you!!

Physcokity said...

I love random! It's so easy to follow.

Also love everything about this post!