Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My teen really IS sweet. He just doesn't look that way.

What's the deal with teenagers thinking they CANNOT smile in pics? It's like against the rules or something. Observe:
You're so handsome Tristan!
Happy Thanksgiving Tristan!!
Happy New Year Tdog!!
Tristan was having a GREAT time at Turner Falls. Does it show?
He won't smile, but he'll make faces..."Good job in your game Tristan..."
"Heh- thanks."
Finally, after being threatened by his loving mother... -----------------
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MommyJ said...

Smile or no smile... he's adorable. I hope you read him all your comments so he can be thoroughly embarrassed that a whole bunch of old ladies think he's cute. :)

omar said...

I heard that the Nunya Business football program is top-notch.

Smiles are for the weak.

Anonymous said...

Teens don't smile in pics because they are uncomfortable with puberty.

Lauren said...

"Smiles are for the weak"...hahahah!

Tristan is handsome!

Suzanne said...

He looks so grown up in that first pic! What a cutie! (Even when he doesn't smile.) ;)

Klin said...

He is a cutie and of course he is sweet. He gets threatened by his loving mother :P

Tori :) said...

So, Knot, should I stop threatening to post pics of his arm pit hair?

aurora said...

Aren't teens funny about that? He is hunky either way. :D

Kimberly said...

I have to threaten Gage to smile and then when he unwillingly does, it looks creepy and fake. lmao T is a total cutie - smile or not!!! :)

Shelby Lou said...

What a handsome boy! Tell him if he smiles more he will get more ladies... ;O)

Nathan said...

I was the oblivious kid who smiled all the time despite having the scariest crooked teeth in the Western US.

My wife didn't smile for pictures her whole childhood because she thought it made her cheeks look fat.

Fortunately, she grew out of it, and thankfully I got braces.

No Cool Story said...

"Heh- thanks."
Heh yeah!

Go nunya business!

Yvonne said...

He's such a handsome young man. In a couple of years he'll start smiling for pictures. It's such a funny stage, eh????

NOBO said...

Heh! No.

He's still a cute non-smiler.

Whitney said...

Ha ha my brothers are definately going through that, too! I even recall doing it when I was in 8th grade. And now I look at the pictures and think "Gee, I really wish I would have smiled, I look like a snot!"