Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Repeated left turns rock!

So... as many of you know I was blessed (yes- I used the word "blessed" and I totally mean it) to have 2 great friends come all the way to Texas to visit me. ME. I'm still in shock over that. My online twin, NCS and Nobody hung with me for 4 days straight y'all (maybe 5, but I got there later on Thursday). FOUR days I had them all to myself other than when I shared them with a couple of Nobo's old friends from when she lived in Texas (who were totally cool!!) I had a blast meeting them. We are planning a trip to Sprinkles and a tattoo shop...

Let's see... we had a 5 star meal in a gas station. Seriously. This awesome restaurant was in the gas station. I also had to call Lauren to let her know that I believe my gay BIL's gaydar is not working correctly when he said Zac Efron was gay. We watched "17 Again" and that boy is... such a sweet kid. (I can't say what I was thinking because I would have to change my last name to LeTourneau.) I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and I think Nobo enjoyed watching my mom-ish reactions thoroughly as well. (Is that how you spell thoroughly?)

We got pretty pedis. They make me look so niiiiiiie. We went for Pho where I ate chicken.

We visited the Dallas Holocaust Museum because nothing says "Girls Weekend" like a trip to the holocaust museum. I also took a pic of the "X" that marked the spot of the fatal shot into JFK. It sparked my interest enough that I checked out a book about the whole conspiracy behind the JFK assassination. Um, yeah... I could say more but I don't wanna die. So.... moving on.

We got lost so so so much. The GPS system we had with us was so patient with me. I would have cussed me out but she just said, "Turn left. Turn left again. Turn left again." For those of y'all keeping track- that equals a U-turn.

Sei made us dinner on Sunday and it was de-lish! He is a much better host than I am. He was so sweet. I love him. Nobo served Taj his food and even cut it for him and NCS played with Livie. Liv hasn't stopped asking about "her friend." We stayed up late, talking, playing truth or dare and watching trashy reality shows. It was awesome. I was sad to take Nobo to the airport on Monday morning. I showed my great hostessing abilities by taking NCS to Burger King for lunch. We were suppose to meet Sei who was an hour late because he is apparently the only cop in the entire city so everyone needs him. Then right after he took this pic of us: he got a call to look for a particular truck- which happen to pass us at that exact moment- and he jumped in his car, lites and sirens, and sped off. Taj and Liv are still talking about it. "Daddy catched the bad guys??"

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I missed my family- even though I saw them quite a bit, but came home a better wife and mom. I also really got to learn a ton about friendship. These chicas are true, true friends. I am still in awe that they actually came to Texas to see ME. They are awesome. Thanks y'all!!!! You know I love ya!
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omar said...

Wow, the Holocaust museum AND the site of JFK's assassination?

Tori's in capris and a tshirt, while NCS is all in a sweater and sweatshirt and stuff?

Will all of my observations really be in the form of a question?

No Cool Story said...

I was supposed to be first.

Man, I know I had more clothes than the vest!

How come I counted 5 days?

Whatnots drowned in buttah!!

Klin said...

Awwww so much friend love going on down in the heart of Texas

Yvonne said...

Sounds like you had such a fun time together--I'm so glad. Hooray for good friends and being able to spend 4 days together and for sweet husbands who cook dinner for you ; )

NOBO said...

yeah, how come you look cute in pictures AND irl. whatever man, whatever.

You checked out a book on the assassination? Wow! Uh, that word has two bad words in it. Guess I've never written it before.

I'm kind of lonely and hungry. It's so sad to come back to reality after such an awesome trip.

Thanks Tori.

Not So Average Mama said...

One question? What's up with the eye bar? Is she the masked blogger? :)

Tori :) said...

NCS is a very secrety blogger. No pics on the internet for her!! :)

Lauren said...

I have been to that museum near the place where JFK got assassinated. Crazy.

Umm...I love that they visited you! How fun! And I love that you called me to tell me that Zac is "sweet".

JustRandi said...

I'm so happy for you! I love meeting bloggy friends!!
So you all are coming to Colorado, right?

Shelby Lou said...

I say when I get to my new home in Logan You ALL should come.. whoever is reading this. unless you are a creeper. :D

I think that meeting bloggy friends would be awesome + amazing times ten.

Suzanne said...

"Daddy catched the bad guys??" That is SO cute! :)

I'm so glad you guys had so much fun. You all look so cute! Girls weekends are the best. You're right, it feels so good to go back to regular routine stuff after you've had a great.

Yay for you all! :)

Suzanne said...

I meant after you've had a break! ***doh***

Annie said...

looks like tons of fun!

Nancy Face said...

Well, OF COURSE they came all the way to Texas to see you, because they are wonderful and awesome...just like YOU are! I'm so happy for you! :)