Friday, April 10, 2009


** Kelsea and Karlea arrive today and will be here for 8 days. Taj has been counting down "sleeps" for the last 2 weeks. "I'm happy they will be here in 5 sleeps, but sad they are only staying here for 8 sleeps..."

** Did you notice the new linky in the sidebar?? ----->
Yes- Seiuli's cd will "drop" on April 20th. (I'm trying to sound cool... Did it work?) If you are interested clickety on his pic and it'll take you to hear a sneak peek and to pre-order. They will most definitely arrive well-before Mother's Day. Please pass on the info!! All proceeds go... to hire an attorney in Canada. I wish I was kidding.

** We are hoping to head to Oklahoma tomorrow, but with all the wildfires I'm not sure if we can. We are doing birthday cake and nite time egg hunts this weekend for sure!

** THANK YOU to the Chick Fil A workers who gave my husband new, hot food after he had to leave him lunch sitting on the table to run across the street to a burglary (false) alarm. That was really sweet.

** Did anyone watch "Southland" last nite? It's coming on in "ER"'s slot. They better make more likeable characters or I won't be able to watch. The detectives were ok, but the annoying cops made me wanna write a letter. Hello- if you make all cop characters total egotistical jerkoffs then that's what people really believe ALL of they are. I miss "Third Watch." Hmmph!

** Speaking of cops, my heart and thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the slain officers in Pittsburgh, as well as Det. Allen Pearson and Deputy Richard Stiles- who also died this past week. Sei looks at this website: Officer Down Memorial Page and now I'm hooked on it. I don't know why. Kind of a weird thing to look at as a cop's wife... But who ever said I was normal?

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Lauren said...

Isn't that hot guy from "The OC" a newby cop in that Southland show?

Tori :) said...

Yes- that's the one!

Mad Libs Millie said...

Sei's ex is such a butt. I don't even know her and I just wanna slap her.

I mean, good luck with his CD :) I really hope this works out for you two. You deserve good things.

Tori :) said...

I'll pass your thoughts on to her when she gets back from Disneyland. :P

chellie said...

yay for kelsea and karlea arriving

and new cd's

and not being normal! :)

at least you are an awesome abnormal chick. :)

Klin said...

I miss Third Watch, too. I love that show. I even cried when it ended.

Those chick fil a workers are awesome.

Yay for K & K coming. Only 8 sleeps huh? It's definitely better than nothing, but way too short for sure.

I watched the end of Southland and was NOT impressed.

I hope the CD things goes well, too. I'll be sending you my payment next week so you can send my CD's. I might order more when I see what I can afford. They will make great gifts.

LOL at Millie's comment and your reply.

Yvonne said...

Hope the visit is GREAT.

Didn't check out the new show--didn't see any TV while in Utah and I'm off to Regina tomorrow. I'll have to check it out next week--but then again it doesn't sound like it's worth it.

I felt so bad a few weeks ago when the 4 police officers were killed in Oakland, CA. (They died at the hospital where I used to work)

I'll have to order the new CD--sure love the one I have.

Nancy Face said...

Yay, Kelsea and Karlea are here now! That is so awesome and nice what the Chick Fil A people did for your hubby! :)

My compy is being slow and foolish, and won't open Sei's CD page...I'll try again later!

Heffalump said...

I was thinking that selling CDs would be a good way to raise money for that particular cause.
I can't order one right now, but will try to do it soon.

Amanda said...

Yay for K & K visiting. Have a great visit!

I also plan on buying a CD, just have to wait until payday. I think that is a great way to raise money!

NOBO said...

When I went to NYC in 2001, I saw a segment of Third Watch being filmed in Battery Park. It was awesome. Maybe you saw it, there was a contest to win a new truck, but the people had to leave their hands on the truck for a really long time, but one of the guys saw another dude steal a lady's purse so he took his hands off to chase down the perp. It made me want to move to New York so I could watch shows being filmed. Because if I lived there, I'd probably live in the park, and I'd see lots of stuff.

I love Chick-fil-a. For TONS of reasons.

aubrey said...

oooooooh, that is why that guy from southland looks so familiar. i have not watched either the oc or southland but i kept seeing the commercial and wondering who that kid was.

yay for chick fi la employees. i love that place. i wish that place was in washington.

i hope you had a lovely easter, tori!

Physcokity said...

I'll be donating my FB status daily. Not too sure how much traffic this will actually draw, but I thought it would reach more people ;)