Monday, May 04, 2009

Deep thoughts by Tori

"Do you ever get insecure and think people don't like you as much as you thought?"
Nobody in Texas 09

Sei and I went out on Saturday. Nothin' major- we went to a burger joint with way yummy onion rings and went to Aeropostale to spend the rest of my gift card that I got a Christmas. :) As we were sitting at the table eating I started thinking (and these are my exact thoughts so sorry- I didn't sensor anything), "How the hell did I end up with such a rad man? What the hell is he doing with me?? There's no way he loves me as much as I love him."

I am so opposite of Seiuli in so many ways.
I am rather introverted until I get to know the people I'm around. He, on the other hand, will find out that the guy carrying something out to our car actually knows his aunt who lives in Pago Pago.

He was a good boy his whole life. No drinking. No smoking. No real girlfriends until after his mission. (Ok, so he took the chick to prom who had a Burt monobrow. She doesn't count.) He has been so good his whole life that the police department totally didn't believe it and tried to say he lied on his lie detector test just to get him to "admit" to something he had done. He stood his ground because there was nothing to admit to. I got in all kinds of trouble and was boycrazy from age 5 on...

He's a cop and arrests people. I have been arrested by a cop (or 2.)

When another meeting is announced at church or something he totally just goes- no complaining. Me- I whine about him going and try to talk him out of it. I am bad.

He plays the piano by freakin' ear & sings and I... don't. I can't sing. I can't dance. I can't play the accordian. I must have gone to the bathroom or something when God handed out musical talents...

Anyway... my point is that sometimes I get so insecure and really wonder why Seiuli would pick ME of all the tens of thousands of women on (that sounds really funny, but whatev). I mean, there are people his mom would have liked immediately rather than taking 5 years to warm up to and then decide that her son must like me for some reason so I must be ok.

There are girls that are not shy and would have been fine meeting his 4000 family members and not come off as a stuck up winch.

There are girls without bumpy thumbnails. (Mine have ridges!!)

There are girls that are skinny naturally and don't have back fat.

There are chicks who like Kobe Bryant.

There are chicks that can fix their daughter's hair super cute.

There are women that actually iron and clean and ENJOY cooking.

The list could go on and on.

So when these thoughts come into my head I have to ask myself if all those other women in my head that I think would be better for my husband:

Yeah- I didn't think so. I win.

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Shelby Lou said...

he only has eyes for you.....


Klin said...

"How the hell did I end up with such a rad man? What the hell is he doing with me?? There's no way he loves me as much as I love him."Spoken just like Bella! How weird.

There are chicks that can fix their daughter's hair super cute.There are?!!!! Who? Do they teach? I'm lame and if it's not a pony tail or pig tails my poor girls are not gonna get it. :(

Allen and I are opposites. We have a great marriage because he lets me do what I'm good at and I let him do what he is good at. Oh, and he lets me drag him around to my social events that he'd rather not attend. Not to mention that I love him.

Heidi said...

He LOVES you because you're cute, funny, creative, smart, good at Dance Dance Revolution, a great mom, blah blah blah..... the list goes on. Plus, you are so good at loving him! You guys are perfect together. (plus, you make rice for him, when it makes NO sense at all)

Nancy Face said...

Gosh, you two would be bored out of your minds if you were married to someone exactly like you are! Kris Face and I are pretty much opposites too, and I'm sooo glad! :)

By the way, Sei has a hott wife! :)

Kimberly said...

LOL! He married you cause your RAD too cuz! ;) If I EVER meet someone that I feel that way about I'm gonna snatch him up!!!

MommyJ said...

Love this post and love your honesty.

And to answer Nobody's question.


I can't do hair either. At least not good. No matter how hard I try Lucy still looks like she did herself. And since she's five, that's normally not too hot.

And I don't iron. Don't, can't, won't... I don't know. But the result is always the same wrinkliness.

Anonymous said...

He loves you because you are a dork.:) and from what I hear, great parents.

Robin said...

You are awesome, it is easy for anyone else to see why.

I always have those thoughts about Trent as well. Why me? But part of the reason I feel that way is beause Trent doesn't know how to express nice lovey feelings. Ever.

Yvonne said...

You are so great together. You compliment each other so well.

It is so obvious he loves you.

omar said...

Your fertile womb. That's what hooked him.

I mean, I'm sure there was other stuff, too.

For what it's worth, I don't know any chicks who like Kobe Bryant.

Suzanne said...

He picked you because you're supposed to be together. It's very obvious whenever I see you both together. You just fit. Like peanut butter and jelly! :)

aurora said...

Because you ROCK!

SUYO said...

C'mon now babe... "you know I love ya, always have." You are everything I dreamed of and wanted in a wife and friend. I don't know how you put up with me, but thanks. I love you!!!

No Cool Story said...

I was doing fine until SUYO.

Because you are his Tori.

Nathan said...

I have the same thoughts about my wife. What on earth does she see in me?

I've learned I just need to smile, nod and not question anything.

aubrey said...

tori, i think you are awesome..even though i was only around you for a few days..and could totally see how sei thinks the sun rises and sets for you.