Wednesday, May 06, 2009


* Last nite we had an activity at the church. A few of us made easy crockpot meals and shared them and the recipes. I added these yum recipes to the Eazy Mealz blog today, so go check it out!

* I started P90X on Monday. It's suppose to kick my butt and hopefully be one of the best weight loss products out there. I hope so. I am sore from the "pulls ups" I did even though not one of them was done without the help of a chair. And my push ups... yeah. Taking my before pics was PAINFUL but when I'm a hottie I will post them. Not.

* The school district decided to have the kids come back to school tomorrow. I think that's great except that they told us the kids would be out all week so now people left town, etc... I know 3 different families that are gone out of town now.

* My thought on "The Biggest Loser": Tara should win. She has stayed above the yellow line the entire show. She's gonna have a tough time beating Mike (who I am assuming will be the 3rd finalist) because he has more weight to lose. She's getting down to where there's not much left on her to get rid of. But I am for her. I've liked her the entire show although I was for Sione, then Filipe...

* My thoughts on my Mavs: GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR!!!! They are down 2-0 to the Nuggets. I honestly don't think they'll win the finals, so I'm just gonna say if they don't win then I want the Cavs or Celtics to win. Just say NO to Kobe!!

* I saw the most interesting tattoo last nite. It was on the INSIDE of the lower lip. I thought it was pretty rad. She said it hurt like they were carving it with a pocket knife. Nice.

* Free food from KFC!! Click here!! Hurry- you can only download it today!!

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Kimberly said...

I've seen the tattoos on the inside of the lip and can't understand why someone would do that. I can't stand a canker sore so **shudders**

My sisters and I are doin the Power 90 now. The before pics...I understand your pain about them.

Suzanne said...

Your quote is from The Princess Bride!!! I actually knew a quote. :)

I admire your dedication to working out so much. Lately all I've been doing is taking strolls around the neighborhood...but at least it's something, right? I'm sure you'll look great after doing the P90 program.

Thanks for the free food link. I'll always take free food! ;)

Heffalump said...

I want Tara to win as well. She deserves it the most in my opinion.

Brit said...

I'm so bummed I couldn't come to enrichment last night! I love crock pot meals! I'll have to go on over to your cooking blog. Yes, Mavs need to get their butts in gear...Ry is pulling his hair out!

Stacey said...

I love The Princess Bride,one of my fave movies.

Good luck with the Power 90!

Lip tattoo = OWIE!!!

Lauren said...

OK, I need to get the Power 90 workout. Tell me if it is awesome.

Yvonne said...

I want to know all about that P90X plan--but I guess the trick is getting up and doing something ISN'T IT ; )

I'm excited about new recipes. You are so great to always post something. Thanks, tori.

Sorry, I don't like Tara--at times she was too mean. I really would have loved to see Kirsten win.

No Cool Story said...

It hurt like they were carving it with a pocket knife. The inside of her lip. THE INSIDE. WITH A KNIFE.

See what I am saying?

Running 4 miles 3 times a weeks has left me with no energy. I am a untrusty dork and I'll do my Power 90 as soon as my body gets used to my new schedule :)

So, you go be hot without me, k?

Robin said...

Why on earth are you using a weight loss product. Don't you weigh like 125?

Rebecca said...

love love most favorite movie.. princess bride.. love it.. as for power 90.. I am going to live through your pain... keep us updated so I can feel your sypathy.. do it for us.. and Tara rocks..shes is awesome!!! Love it all!! yes and salutations as well!

aubrey said...

when my cousin was going through his rebellious stage, he got a tattoo on the inside of his lower lip. sick. and painful. why, i ask, would someone willingly do that?

omar said...

"Just say NO to Kobe."

It's like you don't even love your husband.

Not So Average Mama said...

Weight loss? What the hell are you talking about?????? Say whaaaaaaaaaaaa? Your like the bomb diggity...gah!

Lip tattoos don't :)

oh and my response to your comment from my blog:
5 kids…I wish I had 5 kids. I’m so jealous! If I could I would have a whole army like the Duggars! I’m sorry that you have regrets, but really…no matter what you still did right by your kids in my opinion. Nursing is just what works for me. I was very lucky with all three. I never had a horrible experience like leaking, engorgement or infections. It’s not that easy for everyone. I love that pic because Lauren had her arm around Emma and it was just so sweet..I was recovering from that dang c section.

Nancy Face said...

Hey! I want free food, WAAAAAA!

Okay, that's what I get for being late to the party, tee hee! ;)

Angie Marion said...


Love the title of your blog!!! hehe!

Thanks for stopping by my blog & entering my giveaway! Good luck!

Whitney said...

Uuuuugh I shiver thinking of getting a tattoo on the inside of your lip - OW!

I've seen commercials for P90X and it looks brutal! Good luck, you can do it!!! :)

Momma Magpie said...

I was going to do the P90X but thought it might be too much. Let me know how it goes! 90 minutes a day just seemed like SUCH a commitment for me. Yayyy to you!

wendy said...

This one totally hawt mom at my kids school is doing that p90x thingamajigger. I thought it was a new hand held video game, but now I see that it's a workout kinda thing. She is slender and strong. She could totally beat me up and win the miss america title, too. must be good stuff!