Tuesday, May 05, 2009


** So... you may have noticed that I added a "Daily Movie Quote" to the top of my blog. When I say "daily" I mean "whenever I remember to change it." You are welcome to name the movie in your comment or if you clickety on the movie reel it takes you to the answer. Yesterday's was "We look like bad guys. Incompetent bad guys!" which was from one of my all time faves "The Incredibles."

** Lately Liv has become obsessed with "boons" aka "Boobs." She asks me about mine all the time, shows me "hers", asks to see Isabel's, talks about getting "boons" when she's bigger, etc... It's funny except when she feels me up in public.

** "24" is stressin me out. I do not like Tony Almeida being bad. 3 more hours left!!

** Our school district is closed for all this week due to the swine flu. I can kindof understand *why* but here's my questions:

1) What about the thousands on kids that receive free breakfast and lunch? For some kids that's all the food they get. I know they have a couple of food programs set up to help, but seriously, I worry for those kiddos. I'm dropping some food off at a drop off site today.

2) What about the parents who don't have sick time or vacay time to take off work, yet their kiddos are too young to stay at home alone? How do they find and afford childcare?

3) Do they really think we're gonna keep all our kids "quarantined" in the house? I have EIGHT kids here this week including the kids I babysit. If I kept them all quarantined we'd all end up hanging in a closet.

** Wassup with the price and lack of ammunition these days? People are worried about new gun control laws, etc... so they are stockin' up. Bullets for my .38 are selling out as soon as they come in. I have 5 bullets left. I better not miss.

** My birthday is coming up. When I turned 30 I was really upset. Seriously depressed. But now 1/2 the time I can't remember how old I am anyway. Is that a sign of aging?

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No Cool Story said...


Ok, I totally hear you on #3.
Besides, more people die each year if the regular flu.

No Cool Story said...

I know Omar will be happy to remind you how old you are AND all the signs of aging.

Suzanne said...

It's good to know that it's not so bad after turning 30. I guess that's when the senility kicks in! ;) No seriously, turning 30 sucked so bad last year and 31 didn't seem so bad this year.

People are totally freaking out here about the swine flu. J has spring allergies and he sneezed the other day at the store and about 100 people gave me the biggest glares I'd ever seen.

They should be glaring at the woman who brought her kid out with the thick green boogers and eye cheese. It's much more likely that they will get that, not the swine flu from my kid who really doesn't have the swine flu. I'm just sayin...

Millie said...

I really liked 30. I think after a certain age, it doesn't matter how old you are anymore. No one says to you, "Wow, 38? You're getting so big!" At least, they better not.

I thought about those kids too - the ones whose parents work. I don't want to sound callous but it makes me glad I can stay home with mine.

Millie said...

Hee hee @ Suzanne's "eye cheese"... lol, ewww.

Klin said...

Happy Birthday to US all month.

Swine Flu, Whine Flu. The precautions are the SAME as the annual flu. I have been trying to calm teachers down and help all the kids in my home understand what they CAN do and what is out of their control.

I wonder about the kids who don't eat, too. I even asked hubs how people will pay their bills, when the work gets shut down? The bills will still keep accruing, but the pay check won't.

Send the kids out to play. Fresh air is good for them. Staying locked inside is not good for anyone. :)

Stacey said...

Everybody needs to chillax about the swine flu. I saw a woman wearing a face mask at Costco the other day.

omar said...

I'm reading that quote exactly like Jack Nicholson did. If I wasn't at work, I would have applied the Joker make-up, too.

Liv and teenage boys have something in common!

24!! I keep waiting for you to start a 24 blog so that I can talk about it. Get on that! I don't like Tony being bad either. And they only have THREE HOURS to cure Jack. And they only have three hours to have Jack and Agent Walker make out. They're running out of time!!

Mmm, swine...

You're so old, Moses signed your high school yearbook!

You're so old, your birth certificate is written in hieroglyphics!

You're so old, you used to babysit Barney Rubble!

And just think, it's not even your birthday yet.

Lauren said...

I am with Liv...I can't wait to get "boons" either. haha!

Ted is so pissed off about people freaking out about pig flu. I am not even allowed to mention it around him. I secretly hope he gets it.

Yvonne said...

I'm with Omar--where's the 24 blog???? I'D LOVE THAT!!!! But, I have to admit it is sure better now that Allan watches it with me.

I could hear Jack (the "OTHER" JACK) doing that quote.

I always get my age wrong--so I just tell people I'M OLD!!!

Nancy Face said...

"If I kept them all quarantined we'd all end up hanging in a closet."

SOOO funny! :D

I'm always thinking I'm a year older than I actually am. Foolish! :P