Friday, June 26, 2009

Cry me a friggin' river

Have you heard? Michael Jackson died yesterday. He was 50 years old. And to that I say... "So?" I mean, sure, it was a shock. It's Michael Freakin' Jackson. I wore a VICTORY tour tshirt and blue parachute pants in the 2nd grade. I tried to moonwalk and I recorded a tv special hosted by Tom Joyner about Michael Jackson. That was back like in 82. A LOT has happened since then.

Since when does comin' up with dance moves and cool songs overshadow the fact that you think it's ok to  "share your bed" with little boys?  He said that in an interview. He paid off a family to not press charges. He's a pedophile no matter how cool he could dance. I'm not saying he wasn't talented. Wow. He was a really entertaining performer. But he was disturbed. He was messed up in the head. He hurt the most innocent.  Why am I suppose to cry over someone like that? There are so many GOOD people who died this week. People we won't ever hear about. People who made a difference in a GREAT way in our world. My little sister, Nicole, died in August 1997. It makes me sad to know there are so many people who never had the chance to know her; To feel her warmth. She was a geniunely GOOD person. The world needs more people like her

Would you let your kids spend the nite with Michael Jackson? To that I answer a  "HELL NO!" And I honestly doubt there are many parents that would say "yes" to that question- unless they are hoping to end up in court, pickin' up a fat check from Michael to keep quiet. "What happens at Neverland, stays at Neverland..."  Billie Jean may not have been his lover, but Billy Joe was. It's disgusting.

So, no. I'm not sad about this "man's" death and that's weird for me to say because I know the pain associated with losing a loved one. I am sad for the pain his family is feeling because I know that hurt in the heart so well. But I am more sad for the parents of the kids he hurt and the children having to witness MJ being so celebrated. Sei heard a joke yesterday that at 1st I thought "Ok, that's kinda tacky" since MJ had only been dead a couple of hours. But the more I thought about it, the more I agree. May the good people who passed away yesterday, people who didn't hurt babies, who lived good lives, rest in peace.

"Farrah Fawcett died and arrived in heaven. God asked her what one thing she would do to change the world if she could. She said she'd make all the children safe. Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26pm..."