Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm an Eventchaser

I am so stoked to announce that I am now an official EventChaser with!!! What does this mean??? Oh, it just means that I get to check out awesome events close to my home... ON THEM. Then I get to let others know what I think. Easy as pie, and oh so fun!!

I am going to be receiving Texas Rangers tickets soon so I can review the surroundings of Texas Stadum, watch the game and hang with my man! It's been years since I've had the opportunity to attend a Rangers game. I was starting to worry they were gonna take my "Texan Card" away!  But Eventchaser has saved me. ;)

Eventchaser will give me the opportunity to receive MLB tickets, concert tickets, college football game tickets, etc... thru I am so excited to be an Eventchaser and excited to let others know about the awesome events going on in my area!