Monday, June 22, 2009

I feel violated

Liv likes my phone. She's pretty handy with it too. She knows how to leave voice messages and take pics and apparently, so I've learned, she knows how to make videos too. She was looking at my phone this morning when she suddenly yelled "Eew! A booty!!" I was like, "Eh?" I took the phone in time to see a lil glimpse of a naked butt on the screen. I thought she must have filmed Sei or something because she likes to burst into the bathroom right as he's getting in the shower. Um, no. Upon closer observation I figured out the big, wide, WHITE butt taking up the screen was mine. MY butt filmed for 6 SECONDS without my knowledge. SIX seconds y'all! WHEN did this happen? HOW did this happen?? I have no clue. I don't even know WHY I was standing naked in my bathroom- with Liv. I have NO recollection of this incident. What if she sent it to someone? My big butt could be floating around the internet! It could star in the "Baby Got Back" remake video!! What do I do!?!!? Part of me is laughing and thinks it's hilarious. Part of me is like, "Ew, is that what my butt looks like? Looks like I need to try some Phenphedrine! " Another part is like "Cool, my legs aren't at cottage cheesy as I thought..."  Such mixed emotions. I feel so violated.

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