Saturday, June 13, 2009

My new look!!

Soooo...??!?!?? What do you think??? Does my blog  just look SUPER RAD or what???  Brandy, over at Stitchblade Designs is so talented. And PATIENT. I had to ask so many questions and can be really indecisive and obnoxious and she didn't go insane (that I know of...)  You see my lil bald cop/Seiuli, at the top? Yes- the original pic had curly blonde hair & no badge.  My girl Brandy worked her magic and Wa-La, my man was bald with a badge, just like in real life.  And the chick had black hair. Niiiice. Does the blog  just capture ME or what???

You MUST, MUST, MUST go check out her blog at Not So Average Mama and visit Stitchblade Designs to have her do your blog or other website. She's awesome.

Oh, oh, oh and stay tuned because next week I will be announcing an awesome GIVEAWAY that you won't wanna miss.  It has to do with blogs.... and Stitchblade Designs... ooooh.... aaaaahhh....