Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stuff that's exciting to me

I think Liv may be ambidextrous. She writes her letters with her right hand, but she bats a baseball (like a pro!) with her left. It's interesting. And all I can think is "That's gonna be so rad!! She'll be an ambidextrous point guard!!" See, in basketball for the most part people are right handed, so when a point guard brings the ball down the court the defender usually tries to force them to dribble left because they aren't as comfortable. Well... Livie will be like on "The Princess Bride." (start at 1:18)

She'll start out dribbling with her left and they'll force her right thinking it's her "weak hand." It won't matter because she'll be just as comfortable. And if she can shoot right and left... oh, my dream come true!! And with her fiesty, kickbutt personality I know she'll be diving all over the court for the ball. I CANNOT wait!

So, that's my exciting news of the day. I know... Crazy. Oh, and I'm hoping she's a little more graceful on the court than she is in this video... (Thank you Newbaby.com for my new VADO this was filmed with!)

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