Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer and... stuff

So... tomorrow is the last day of school here. Then on Friday evening the kids leave to go to the ex's for their summer visitation. In the past they have spent the 6 weeks there all right in a row. This summer we're trying something different where we're splitting it 3 weeks in June, a few long weekends in July that equal a week and then 2 weeks in August. We'll see if this works better or sucks more. Poor Taj has been drawing pictures all day for Tristan, Alec and Isabel to tell them "Bye" and that he'll miss them. Yesterday he told Sei, "In a few days Alec has to go to M___'s for a very, very long time." It was so sad. So... on Friday the Suck-fest begins! On a happy note, I did work it out the where I have weekly visits for a couple of hours. Taj will love it although his heart will break again at the end of each visit. Kelsea and Karlea come on July 4 so we are all stoked about that!!
In July we'll be taking a weeklong trip to Florida. (Thank goodness for my parents and their timeshare condo & a beach that is free to hang out on all day!! ) (No, we aren't taking an Orlando vacations but we are going to a very cool area!) Bad people reading this- there will be someone housesitting so don't even think about trying to steal our 10 year old tv, Super Nintendo or Disney VHS collection... I am so ready for this vacay. It is so needed and I think deserved with all the crap we've been served this year. All I have to say is if MY ex thinks he has it bad with an ex-wife who doesn't interfere with visitation (and never has and in fact used to pay for 1.5 out of 2 trips to Texas from Utah), doesn't ask for more child support or money for extracurricular stuff, doesn't badmouth him (except on my blog, but it's MY blog so I can...) then I'm sure Seiuli would be totally THRILLED to trade exes.

On another note...
In case you haven't noticed with the last 2 posts and probably emails you may have received... my new hobby is entering giveaways on blogs. So far I've won 2!! YAY!! So usually when I blog about it or send you an email it gets me another entry. Just so ya know...
Also, I'm trying to monetize a lil from my blog, so if you "follow" me here and on Twitter it makes me look more popular... I've never had the "Follow me" thing up in my sidebar because I think it's kinda high school-ish, but now I need it, so it's there. :) I'm also going to be hosting a giveaway on my blog soon that I will need y'all to spread the word about!!

And... apparently that whole thing with Eminem and Bruno at the MTV movie awards was staged. In that case... it's still totally disgusting. I talked to my boys about it and told them it's not ok for people to stick their buttcracks into other's faces. Yeah... it went along with my "hazing is bad" talk I was already having. Do you know that hazing is pretty huge at summer high school sports camps? I don't want something to happen to my freshman football player!! So... Hazing is one of the things I've talked to my kids about. And huffing and bullying. I have ZERO tolerance for bullying. I make sure to point out mean scenes in movies- like on "Spiderman" when all the kids on the bus are mean to Peter- and I threaten my kids... "If you EVER treat someone like that I will spank your butt IN FRONT OF YOUR FRIENDS!" I can feel the Samoan comin' out in me!! haha

I've talked to my kids about a lot of things that Sei is kinda like "You're weird..." about, but that's another post....

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