Friday, June 19, 2009

Tattoo dreams


So I read this story yesterday about a girl who supposedly went to have 3 star tattoos put on her face, but "fell asleep" and ended up with 56 stars. I don't believe her. How the heck do you fall asleep while getting tattoos ALL OVER YOUR FACE? (unless you are really, really, really drunk...)  I think she went home, her dad or boyfriend or whoever freaked out, so she made up this lie. Now she's suing the tat PH1_TATOE_160609_05artist for the cost of the laser removal surgery. Um, you'd think that if you were unhappy with your tat that you'd NOT pay for it, throw a huge fit, somethin... But whatever... The guy said she's lying, but that he'll pay 1/2  just because she's dissatisfied.  I'm thinking he probably doesn't see what the big deal is...

Anyway...  I'm pretty sure this story and the fact that I was emailing Brandy - check out her tattoo work at Stitchblade Designs-  about tattoos. Then I was talking to Sei about tattoos. To put it in his words he's "...a little old fashioned when it comes to things like tattoos..." I think all that combined lead to my dream. I dreamed I was  going to get Seiuli's name tattooed on my shoulder. No Cool Story was the tattoo artrist-- inside a big tent. Apparently I fell asleep. When I woke up I had SEIULI tatted right above my butt in like the Mexican style writing and then my ENTIRE BUTT was tatted with a spiderweb.  It was a horrible sight! It looked like someone took chocolate syrup and poured it over a huge pile of cottage cheese.  Oh... yuck. I woke up a little traumatized, I think.

What do you think? Do you think she really fell asleep, woke up, paid for the tattoo all while planning to sue? Or do you think she asked for that tat and then regretted it?


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