Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time for a TAD award

What's a TAD AWARD you might ask? Tad is the name of the fish on "Finding Nemo" who says "I'm OBNOXIOUS." I, on occasion, bestow the TAD AWARD upon people who piss me off, offend me, make me sick, cut me off in traffic, etc... etc... So, it's not really an award you want. You can read about the other TAD AWARD winners by clicking on the link above or on the fish pic in my sidebar.
The recipient today is actually TWO recipients, but they go together.

We'll start with the chick at Alec's summer league basketball game. She is the mom of a boy Alec often rides his bike to school with. Her son has slept over at our house and lives in our neighborhood. I've spoke with her a few times in the past- always small talk, "Hey, how ya doin'?" type stuff. Well, she also knows my ex. Idk how well, but they know each other. Who knows, maybe she goes to his church like 1/2 the county does... Anyway... at the game I saw her walk in. She stepped up on the bleachers RIGHT beside me. I said, "Hey! How's it goin?" She totally didn't even acknowledge I said anything. Alrighty then. I assumed she's not very observant like me and figured she didn't notice who I was. She went a few bleachers up and basically sat in front of my ex. So... Tristan leaves the ex's side to sit by me because I am awesome. You'd think she'd notice this 5'8" kid walk in front of her and sit by me. And she knows Tristan too... Well, she came down to take her lil boy to the restroom, walked right in front of me, turned her head towards the court as she past me. Wha?? Ok... I'm playin' it cool. Maybe she really is that blind. She comes back, walks in front of me again and AGAIN turns her head. You're kidding right? Alec also ran off the court at 1/2 time and I stood up to hug him. You know she had to notice this, right? It's not like it was a packed gym or anything. But get this: Taj went over to her lil boy and asked him to play. So, for the last quarter of the game her son is playing right behind me with my son. Go ahead, ask me if she ever acknowledged me? Ask me!! No- she didn't. WTH???!?!?!? However, I'm not gonna hand her the award just yet. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she's just that socially retarded. I'll see how she treats me next Tuesday at Alec's game. Stay tuned...

The other recipient gets his award today and can shove it. Seriously. He lives across the street from the ex's house and yes, he is an adult. I got to spend a couple of hours with the kids last nite for my weekly summer "visitation." HA! Anyway... I was dropping the kids off and Alec was still in the car with me. The neighbor came outside and noticed Alec, so he walked over to talk to him. Alec rolled down his window and this is the conversation that took place:

Tad jerk: "Wsup Alec?"
Alec: "Hey! Wsup?"
Me: "Hi! I'm Alec's mom."
Tad jerk: *blank stare* *turns back to Alec*
Alec: "Yeah, um, this is Scott. Scott this is my mom."
Me: "Hi..."
Scott: *does not even look at me* "I thought we were gonna play ball?"
Alec: "Oh, yeah, well it rained and I went out with my mom..."
Scott: "Yeah, well we'll ball it up later."
Alec: "Ok. See ya."
Scott turns around and walks off. No "nice to meet you", nada.

Ok, seriously. Who the hell are these people? It really hurt my feelings. And let's see... what do they both have in common? Who do they both know?? Hmm... hold on... I think I'm putting 2 and 2 together...

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