Monday, June 08, 2009

Weeks review

  • Tristan, Alec and Isabel are at the ex's now. Let's just hope there's not a repeat of last summer.

  • Sei and I went to dinner and a movie with my brother and SIL. Ok, DON'T see "Drag Me To Hell." You will lose brain cells. I jumped a lot, but I think I laughed more than anything. A goat talked in it- if that helps you decide NOT to go see it. On a positive note, the "Mac" guy is in it. He's cute.

  • I have some major excitement coming up on my blog. I can hardly wait!!!! Visit Stitchblade Designs and Not So Average Mama for a clue. Not So Average Mama is also hosting another cool giveaway you should check out- especially if your child wears glasses!! Check it out HERE.

  • Lakers are in the finals. I live with Sei- the Kobe fan. Gag. But I did read THIS and it made me feel a lil better. Please read some of the comments and take the poll!!

  • I've been cutting carbs a lot and have lost a few pounds this week. I've been doing it without diet pills, but I'm not above using them. I wanna look good on vacation!!

  • Taj found an old birdcage and naturally he has his pet FROG inside it. I love my Tajy.

  • Speaking of Taj, he's quite the swimmer. He's been swimming floaty-less since last summer. This year he swims underwater a lot, which is cool but scares me at the same time. Here's a short video of him. No looking at my husband. ;)

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