Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What ever happened to...

I'm a movie freak. Not as much as some people, but I love movies. I love quoting movies. And I have an insane memory that allows me to have stupid thoughts that keep me up at nite. Growing up I watched the movie "Misundertood." It starred Henry Thomas ("Elliot" from  E.T.), Gene  Hackman, and Huckleberry Fox. You may remember Huckleberry from the movie "Terms of Endearment."

So stinkin' cute...huckleberry fox

What happened to him? And did y'all ever see that movie... "Misunderstood"?  I'm pretty sure it was a movie about a dysfuntional relationship between a single dad and his 2 boys...

And while we're talking about movies that Henry Thomas was in... most people have seen "Cloak and Dagger" but have you seen "The Quest" (aka "Frog Dreaming")? It was based in Australia...  That's where I got my sweeet line "Probably your breath blowing back into your face." (Must be said with an Australian accent.) Or have you seen him in "Raggedy Man" with Sissy Spacek and Eric Roberts?  That was a pretty good movie.henrythomas

Anyway... I'm just rambling and trying to find out if I'm the only freak that wonders about things like "Whatever happened to Huckleberry Fox???"

Oh- and has anyone else seen the movie "The Girl  Who Spelled Freedom?" No-  Henry Thomas isn't in it.  I just threw that in there for the heck of it.