Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bad Mom Award... again

DSCN5666So yesterday after I was done watching the kids I babysit we took the kiddos (all 7) + my lil sister (not so little- she's 15) to the lake to swim, eat pizza, hang out. On the way there I was controlling the music because that's what I do- control things. ;) I love to play songs that drive Tristan, my 14 yr old, crazy. Which songs would that be, you ask?

  • Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • The Thong Song by Sisqo

  • Simple Kind of Life by No Doubt

  • Summer Girls by LFO

WHY do these songs drive him crazy?? Oh, because he was just the cutest stinkin' 5 year old back in the day that didn't know any better than to "raise the roof" when The Thong Song came on. I'd look back in the backseat of the car and he was just ajammin' away in his lil booster seat. SO.CUTE. Simple Kind of Life was a fave of mine and for some reason I made my poor kiddos act out the video. Hey, I was a weird, newly single mom. Acting out videos with my kids was entertainment to me. lol  And Tristan was so cute doing it!  Summer Girls... I think he just hates that because it says "New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits. Chinese food makes me sick..." The lyrics are so dumb, but I like it. My personal fave line "When you take a sip you buzz like a hornet. Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole buncha sonnets..." Ahh yeah...  Californication is a pretty cool song. Tdog is just embarrassed because when he was like 7 he'd say "Oh yeah Californication! This is my favorite song!!" and now, I tease him. That's my job.

Some of y'all may be strokin' out that I had my 5 yr old listening to The Thong Song, but we all know Taj can sing "Low" by Flo Rida and now Liv can not only sing "Teenage Dirtbag," She also sings "Gives You Hell." I should say what Isabel's stepmom told her, "Are they cursing at us? That is NOT appropriate!" after Isabel told her "Gives You Hell" was a fave of mine. The stepmom promptly switched it to a Christian station. But you know... I'm good. I couldn't call myself a brat if I did that.

Go ahead. Let me have it. Tell me what a bad mom I am...