Wednesday, July 08, 2009


We spend a lot of time at the pool. If Sei is off during the day, he takes the kids. If he's working, I take them after the kids I babysit are gone. Livie LOVES the water. She has no fear. Taj was the same way. He was full blown swimming with no floaties or help last summer when he was 4. Well, Livie is very independent and competitive so she's been swimming sans floaties this month- at age 3. Impressive? Yes. Scary? Yes. Now she wants to go to the pool without her floaties. Yeah... that's not gonna happen. Not this summer. I still get nervous with Taj because he loves to swim underwater picking up dive sticks, but everytime he disappears to find them I get nervous because I can't see him. It's kinda funny because I want my kids to know how to swim, but makes me nervous once they know how. Am I weird? Yeah, don't answer that.