Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yeah, hi.  I'm gonna be off the blogs for a lil while, as I travel to FLORIDA  baby!!! I am so excited for the first family vacation since I was pregnant with Taj. Taj is almost 6 now. That's a long time now to take a family vacay. We did go to Vegas in Nov. 2007, but Kelsea and Karlea weren't with us. But they are now!! I'm so ready to chill at the beach, not babysit other people's kids and have A LOT of time with my husband. I really feel after all the court crap from this year, we REALLY deserve this trip.

THANK YOU to my parents. Without them this trip would not be possible. We've spent our "vacation fund" about 4 different times paying for a freakin' lawyer in Canada, so money is tight. My parents have a timeshare condo in Florida so we don't have to pay for boarding.  And the condo has a  kitchen which saves us a ton on money. And then Florida has the beach- which is free. So, basically we are paying for groceries and gas. THANK YOU Mom and Dad. I'm ready to be away from reality for a little while. :)