Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jack Rabbeeets

Ok, my husband is a joker. He's friggin' funny and can think of the silliest things to say, off the top of his head, and keep a straight face while doing it.  I was just thinking about this one time when we lived in a little six-plex. My sister, Swampbaby, her husband and their 1 year old son lived across the hall from us. There was a family living right above them that were from France or some other country with a fruity accent. They used to let their lil girl run around in the kitchen with her heavy, foreign-looking shoes on. It echoed REALLY loudly in my sister's apartment. Not only that, but my sister could hear the very amorous couple during their... "happy time." She had finally had enough so she called the wife and nicely told her about the loud thumping from the shoes (and whatever else) and how it would wake her son up from his nap, etc... The lady was apologetic and that was that. Until I told Sei about the phone call.

Seiuli called Swampbaby and said he was "Jean Luke" or whatever the guy's name was that lived above my sister. He said, with his best French accent, "My wife told me that you called her today vegarding noi-eese?' My sister was a little caught off guard, but said politely, "Oh, yes. The shoes are just really loud."

"Jean Luke" interrupted her, "Vhy did you not call me? I am de man ov de house..."

Swampbaby thought it was some weird cultural thing and apologized and again tried to explain the noise, when "Jean Luke" said, "That vas not our daughter. Ve vere making love like jack rabbeets."

OH.MY.GOSH. I had TEARS rolling down my face it was so funny. "Ve vere making love like jack rabeeets." Where does he get this crap from??
My sister realized immediately WHO it was. "SEI !!! YOU DORK!!!!"

Sei and I still joke about "making love like jack rabbeeets."  We were talking about that phone call today at the pool and I was still rollin'. I love my husband.




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