Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More school shopping

I hate school shopping. After having 7 kids at home all thru the summer I'm suppose to have money left over for cardigans, playsuits and whatever other thing my kiddos decide they want. I'm not the mom of Fresh Prince saying "You're only 16 you don't have a rep yet..." As a mom who DOES have a rep to uphold, I want my kiddos to have everything they want. I do. I want them to have cute/cool clothes and feel comfortable in what they wear. But I also need to be able to afford our house and food after school shopping.

So, I'm all about the cheap dresses or cheap t-shirts. And by "cheap" I only mean by price. I don't want the clothes to fall apart after wearing it or washing it. If I can find sale jeans I'm in heaven.  But let's face it - most of us don't have time to run around looking for sales racks for our kids much less ourselves!
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