Thursday, July 02, 2009

Say what?

So yesterday Sei had a "theft of service" call, which means that someone received a service and didn't want to pay. This call happened to be at a nail salon. A woman had her nails done and then didn't have the money to pay. When my husband arrived the  customer (who really needed to be checkin' out the best fat burners)  was throwin' attitude from the beginning. Seiuli is very professional and was trying to keep the situation calm, but the lady was all in his face, yelling about being treated unfairly, so he threw a lil attitude back.

To which she responded:
Aww hell no! We have a black government. We have a BLACK president and I am being mistreated by the PO-lice!

Yes. I'm serious. Seiuli even asked her:
"Are you freakin' serious?"

"Yes I'm serious!"

"You think because we have a black president that you don't have to pay for a service you received?"


"Well I got news lady. We still live in America and you still have to pay for services..."

Ok, are you kidding me? Is it not scary that there are some people walking around with THAT mentality?