Friday, July 17, 2009

Things that bugged me this week

  • "16 & Pregnant": No, I'm not 16. And HELL NO, I'm not pregnant. "16  & Pregnant" is a new show on MTV. I've watched it a few times and I so DO NOT see the point of this show. Idk if they are trying to show kids how tough it is if you get knocked up or to glorify it and make being the next couple on the show a goal?? The episode I watched tonite the couple were thinking about adoption. The 16 year old boy's dad told him that basically he thinks if they give the baby up for adoption he will always think his son didn't "man up." Maybe that's because he's NOT a man. He's 16. And I'm not bashing on teen parents. I mean, hello, I wasn't even 19 when I had Tristan. Maybe THAT is why I think this show is stupid. I was a young, teen mom... And for the record- I bawled watching this episode. The couple gave their baby up for adoption. The boy was crying right after the birth, holding his girl friend and telling her he loves her so much, they're doing it for their baby, they can make it thru the adoption, etc... They were the most mature couple I've seen.  (And what's with these girls fitting into their skinny jeans without exercise, diet, weight loss pills, nada?!??!)

  • Recycled baby names: Today Isabel told me that her stepmom told her that if they (my ex & her) ever have a baby they will name it _____. I almost spit my Diet DP out. The name was a name on my list when I was pregnant with Isabel. I don't care for ME. I'm never gonna use that name. In fact, I would never have even suggested it to use for Taj or Liv. Hello- it was a name on my baby name list with my EX-husband. That would just be weird. I wouldn't want to name Taj or Liv a name that Sei and his ex had on a list for the twins. I feel bad for Isabel's stepmom because I'm sure she doesn't know it was on my list. I'M the one that came up with the name because I liked it on a mafia movie. Part of me hopes she finds out before (if) she has a baby and then Vengeful Tori thinks it's kinda funny and would rather it come out after the birth certificate... Don't y'all think that's weird and kinda lame of him?

  • Freakin' Sunkist: I bought Livie a Sunkist like 3 days ago. I assumed she had finished drinking it. Welp, apparently not. Today one of the babies I watch found it and spilled it all over the carpet. Livie had put it in her toy kitchen and this kid found it. This baby has broke, ruined, stained... more things in our house this past year than my 7 kids combined. It's very frustrating. And he poops atleast 3 times a day. Please shoot me.

What's bugged you this week???