Thursday, July 09, 2009

You know you need to get out more when:

road-rageROAD RAGE seems exciting. Seriously. Last nite Sei took me out for a milkshake because he's romantic like that & I like Jack in the Box milkshakes. So... we're heading back to our house when this idiot full on PASSES US ON THE LEFT, whips in front of us and nearly runs us off the road. The dork didn't realize the reason we were going slower was because there was a car in front of us, so he got stuck. Anyway, as luck would have it he turned into our neighborhood. Idk if he was racing his friends behind us, but there was definitely 3 cars together.

Well, his 2 friends turned off behind us but he kept going because he thought we were following him. Ok, we were following him, but it was on the way to our house anyway. So technically...  Anyway- this part's funny- he turned onto a street that ends in a cul-de-sac. I was all like, "Babe, let's go confront him... I'm wearing my skull flip flops. You think anyone wants to take a roundhouse kick to the face when I'm wearin' these bad boys?" Yeah, that's when  Sei said, "I don't have my gun, so let's go home." BUMMERman. He delivers.. So, we made him think we followed him, but then we just backed out and started goin' home.

We see him pull out and turn the opposite direction towards back to where his friends were. I said, "Let's go see if he was with those 2 other cars." (Because I'm wild like that.) Well, he WAS with those guys and they were all outside and they saw us. Oops. So, we just left and started heading home.

Pay attention, here's the thick of the plot... We're heading home and the stupid truck pulls out behind us! The kids were home alone, we didn't want him to see where we lived, so we turned right. He turned right. We made a loop and came back out the same place we were. So did he. Yep- he was definitely following us. We turned left. He turned left. We drove out of our neighborhood. He followed. I wasn't really nervous. It was kinda exciting. I think he was just trying to see where we lived because he kinda hung back some... until we turned onto a street and Sei busted a U. The guy totally busted a U and then it wasn't funny anymore.

He was following us and Sei was driving like a bat outta hell. Then we decided we needed to call 9-1-1, because let's face it- my man didn't have his gun, his badge and having his wife with him was makin' him nervous. His "cop driving skills" were makin' ME nervous. I was hangin' on to the "O.S." bar the whole time. lol  Anyway, right as he called 9-1-1 we saw a cop runnin' radar on the highway. Sei flashed his brights and started pullin' over. The truck, noticing the cop, turned his lites off and turned into a closed car lot. The cop hit his lites, DROVE DOWN THE GRASSY EMBANKMENT, and followed the truck. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss. I'm pretty sure he got pulled over- atleast for being suspicious. HAHAHAHA!

But now I'm like, "Great babe. He knows you have that stupid Laker plate frame on your car..." If he's ever is in our neighborhood and sees it... :P Greeeeaaaaaattttt!!!!! Sei starts his nite shift this weekend and I am so jealous.  He gets to drive like that all the time! I told him I wanted to be a cop who chases the people, but then all the other cops can actually get the guy outta the car.  I'd just talk trash from inside my squad car... ;)

***  Cool points if you caught the Fresh Prince lyric. Cool points if you can tell me where "Bummerman. He delivers." is from. **