Monday, August 03, 2009

Being an Eventchaser Rocks!

I posted a couple of months ago that I am now an official EventChaser with!!! What does this mean??? It means that I get to check out awesome events close to my home… ON THEM. Then I get to let others know what I think.

This time around I am receiving Dallas Cowboy Tickets  so I can review the surroundings of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and see my 1st live NFL game! I can't wait! I think I will take my 12 year old future NFL star, Alec. The Cowboys will be playing the Tennesee Titans. It'll be awesome.

Eventchaser will give me the opportunity to receive NFL tickets, concert tickets, college football game tickets, MLB tickets, etc… thru I am so excited to be an Eventchaser and excited to let others know about the awesome events going on in my area. :) If you're looking for great tickets, such as Tennesee Titan tickets, visit