Monday, August 24, 2009

Equestrian story

I have not had the chance to be around horses very often in my life. I used to ride them occasionally at my aunt's home when I was younger. But I know there are a lot of equestrians out there. I always thought the breeches the women wear were so cool looking. When I was younger I'd put on stretch pants trying to mimic their style. :) On the subject of  equestrians...  on one family vacation we stopped at a hotel near Duke University. My sisters and I were swimming and a boy that was probably around 12- my age at the time- entered the pool. We were playing a game where on person is outside the pool with her back turned to the other players who are in the pool on one side. The one person comes up with a subject and the others think of something within that subject. Then the one player starts naming things. If she names the one you thought of, you try to quietly swim across to the otherside of the pool. The person who is "it" attempts to jump in and tag you before you reach the other side. Well, the subject my sister chose this nite was "SPORTS." She guessed basketball, soccer, golf, football, etc...  She never guessed this boy's. When we finally all gave up trying to figure out what his sport was he said, like we were so dumb, "Equestria." Well, DUH.