Saturday, August 01, 2009

I heart Florida

I could soooo be a beach bum. Totally. I've always believed this, but it was confirmed this past week. Sei and I took the 7 kiddos to Destin, Florida. My parents and little sister went as well because they have a timeshare and let us use some of their points to get a condo for our family. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! Our resort was awesome. Our family had 2 bedrooms and a sofabed, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, washer and dryer... PER.FECT. And the beach... oh, the beach. In Destin it's white sand and clear water. BEA.U.TI.FUL. I would have posted while I was there, but I didn't bring my laptop. I will give a ton more details in my next few posts- I took notes on things to blog about. But I will say that I am brown, except for 2 huge places on my back that are peeling. (Yuck.)  And I have a pulled groin muscle from attempting to skimboard. I pretty much suck. I also wanna give a SHOUT OUT to Jessica at the Best Western in Biloxi, Mississippi for going above and beyond in her search for Livie's lost blanket. That's a whole post in itself, so stay tuned... :)