Monday, August 10, 2009

I never finished bragging...

I never finished my posts about Florida. Basically we  hung at the beach. All week.  BEST.VACAY.EVER. Wait, no... my cruise with Sei was the best ever, but this is the best vacay with the kids. ;)FLORIDA 142

We got to go out a couple of times sans kiddos for some adult conversation... Here we are at Pompano Joe's with my parents...FLORIDA 147

And I still need to make a montage of Alec and Sei skimboaring...  I should have it up by next vacation.

All thru out the week Sei kept calling the hotel in Biloxi to see if they had found Livie's missing blanket.  Then one  morning, at 6:42 am, Sei's phone started ringing. It was Jessica from the hotel. She was getting off work at 7 am, but wanted to call to let us know she had FOUND THE BLANKET!! She had searched in the laundry and asked the head housekeeper if she had found an old blanket. The lady said, "No, but I found this..." and held up Livie's poor, abused, but dearly loved blankie!! Jessica even took it home to wash it. You have to understand that this blanket is IMPORTANT. All thru out the week Livie cried to go home and cried for her "white blankie." We had bought a replacement pink blanket and it worked for a lil while, but it wasn't the same...

So, on the Friday we left to head home, top priority was going to the hotel in Biloxi to get Livie's blanket. She was so happy. And if you look at this pic I look like I'm on drugs. I'll never tell if I actually was on  drugs or if I was just worn out... ;) It's funny how on "vacation" you are so tired and worn out. Sei and I didn't even make out the entire trip. Seriously. I wish I was kidding. FLORIDA 140

Anyway... that's the story. We had a great trip. Livie got her blanket back. We didn't beat or lose any kids. We made it home safely. It was awesome and I can't wait for next year when we go to California baby!! (We must be insane.) FLORIDA 138