Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More Florida

....So, where was I? Ah, yes... I was at the beach. Everyday. For hours. It was so wonderful. That's what we did the entire week. The resort was nice with a little village that had a park with swing sets and slides. We did visit the Gulfarium one day which is like a very mini-Sea World. The kids- especially Liv- loved the dolphins and petting the sting rays. We also ate great sea food, but I don't really like fish, so I got more chicken than anything. We went to this cool restaurant called Fudpuckers. Yeah, say that fast 3 times...  They had alligators in a swamp area right there surrounding the restaurant. Taj pet an alligator and then 6/7 of my kids and 1 sister got to take a pic with an alligator with Kelsea holding the head, Taj holding the belly and Isabel with the tail. It was really neat. Later Taj and Livie fed the alligators with a fishing pole. Most of the alligators were so stuffed they ignored all the dangling meat, but Livie and Taj actually had a biter!! It was really a fun nite at Fudpuckers... :)FLORIDA-076-1024x768

I attempted to skimboard on the beach. Yeah... I suck. I tried though, even after biffin' it good a few times. And I pulled my groin muscle too. One time I fell so hard that all the kids came swimming towards me "Mom are you ok?!?!" Soooo embarrassing - especially since I wasn't even hurt. They all thought I hit my head, but I only hit my shoulder blade. Then I noticed the people sitting near us on the beach were being entertained with my falls. Not cool. I should have faked like I was knocked out and floated out to sea...  I didn't do too badly a few times.

Sei already knew how to skimboard- of course- and was bustin' 360s. Alec was awesome too. He skimboarded all week with Sei and by the end of vacation could do a 270. I LOVE watching them interact together. They are like twins in the personality department for sure. FLORIDA 143

And Omar- I already told you on Twitter, but I had to let everyone else know that you were remembered while on vacay. Tristan bought Crocs- and we all know how much Omar LOVES Crocs.  Tristan picked some out and said, "Now I can have Crocs like Omar..." Thanks for setting such a great example Omar by wearing, to use your phrase "The Mullet of Shoes." (*rolling eyes*)

During all this beach and skimboarding and eating Sei called the hotel Biloxi where Livie left her blanket and spoke to a few different people. Finally a girl named Jessica took an interest and said she'd check with housekeeping and search in the dirty towels... More later... I still need to tell y'all the crab leg story too...