Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crap happens

It's true. Bad stuff happens to really good people. And sometimes it can really affect you financially.  This past year and half my husband and I have been hit hard. We've had both exes take up to court over stupid stuff. We've spent thousands and thousands of dollars for just one of the cases. The other just started and I have a bill for $922 sitting on the counter-- and we haven't even DONE anything yet! I went outside to pick our money tree to find it was bare. ;)

I know we aren't the only ones with stuff like this in our lives. I know others have it much worse. The truth is if it weren't for family and good friends Sei and I would have really bad credit because it would have all gone on cards and then we wouldn't have had the money to make the payments!! Thankfully if you need to fix your credit because of hard times messed it up there are great credit repair programs. Of course, I'd prefer a program that helped jerk exes learn to live their own lives instead of bein' all up in our's, but... whatever. ;)