Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Eating healthy tips- Conversation #2

182805a474_Eating Right Kids LogoI have found that when I am trying my hardest to eat more healthy, if I just don't buy the junk, then I won't eat it. Simple enough, right? Yeah- you'd think so!! I do so good at buying my kids great fruit, veggies, yogurt, etc... I wish I would do the same with myself. The kids don't have a secret candy stash like I do- I don't think... They only have food that's good for them to choose from.  I guess right now my teaching method is "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO."  Probably not the best method.

How do you teaching your kids about healthy eating choices?  What works best for your family? Leave me a comment on this post or the previous healthy tips post to be entered into the giveaway for the Looney Tunes gift basket.

At http://www.momlogic.com/eating_right_kids/ there are great recipes, weekly menu ideas- which is great because I hate trying to decide what's for lunch or dinner..., and tons of healthy tips. I recommend you visit it!!

**Next week: Momlogic’s nutrition expert, Haylie Pomroy will be answering reader questions about nutrition.  You can submit your questions to her and she will post answers the week of September 14th.  Users can submit questions to eatingright@wb.com.