Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eating Right #4

182805a474_Eating Right Kids LogoThis is post number 4 in a 5 week in the Looney Tunes Eating Right series.  If you've missed the past post you can click HERE to check them out and participate in the conversations. Your participation enters you into the drawing for the Looney Tunes Gift basket!! 
This week's topic: Grocery shopping with kids can be challenging, but what if what if you could make a trip to the supermarket a fun and educational adventure.  Tell us how you navigate the grocery store with your kids.

My answer would be- I try not to take them with me!! haha  But when I do I get them excited about it. I have them help me make the list and find the things on the list. This allows us to make healthy choices in advance for our list. Also, our Kroger has mini grocery baskets and Livie is so happy to push one and fill it up with foods off the list. At other stores I let her bring her little Dora shopping cart from home.

How about y'all? It's your turn!! How do you make the grocery store into a fun and educational trip with your kids?

**Also a quick reminder that Momlogic’s nutrition expert, Haylie Pomroy is answering questions about nutrition. If you'd like you can send her your questions to eatingright@wb.com. She will post answers starting this week.

Disclaimer: Although I think teaching our kids to eat healthy is super important, I have been hired by Warner Brothers to help pass along the info. as part of their WB Word of Mouth Program. Everything I’m writing is my own honest opinion.