Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eating right conversation #3

182805a474_Eating Right Kids LogoI've often shared my struggles with eating right. I really just love junk food. I do my best to pack my kiddos healthy lunches for school. But my 2 oldest don't ever bring their lunches. I know there are unhealthy snacks to choose from and most likely vending machines.  I guess I'm a  mean mom- I don't give them extra money to take to school. I pay for their lunches online and monitor what they purchase online as well. I also send healthy snacks- like granola bars or fruit- for them since they have early morning football practice and are usually starving afterwards.

This is the 3rd conversation in the Looney Tunes Eating Right program. This week's question is:
How do you ensure your kids are eating healthy at school.  What are some of your kids favorite snacks?

Do you have any great tricks up your sleeve? I'd love to hear them!! Don't forget that if you participate in this conversation or any of the past or future posts, you are entered to win the great Looney Tunes Gift Basket. Also, stop by for healthy recipes and tips. Momlogic’s nutrition expert, Haylie Pomroy will be answering reader questions about nutrition. You can submit your questions to her and she will post answers starting the week of September 14th. You can submit questions to

Disclaimer: Although I think teaching our kids to eat healthy is super important, I have been hired by Warner Brothers to help pass along the info. as part of their WB Word of Mouth Program. Everything I'm writing is my own honest opinion.