Monday, September 28, 2009

Home security is important

My husband is a police officer. He works the graveyard shift right now. He loves his job and the night shift. I don't. Night shift means I am sleeping alone not counting a kid or 2 in my bedMy mother in law told me to sleep with a can of starch by my bed for safety. I love that!! I do sleep with my keys by my bed so I can hit the panic button on my car. I also sleep with my cell phone under my pillow and totally rock at sightless dialing!!

 One thing that brings me a ton of comfort and makes me feel safe is our ADT home security system . From the moment it was installed I have felt better. I love knowing that if someone tries to break in while I am home while I am sleeping that not only is my alarm going to go off, but ADT is going to be calling me and the police. How comforting!! I also love the remote control on my keychain and my husband's keychain. I can set the security system at night and he can turn it off with his keychain when he comes home. It also makes it easy to turn on when we leave the house. I have the chime turned on also, so when any door is opened it beeps. This has helped on several occasions when my 3 year old has escaped. She could have been 1/2 way down the block before I realized she was gone if I hadn't heard the alert beep.
I asked my husband how calls to the police from ADT work. When they receive a call about an alarm going off they ALWAYS go check it out. They never assume it's nothing. That makes me feel good. An ADT alarm system is such an inexpensive way to feel more safe and secure in your home. I know my family is worth it!!

What do you do to help you feel safer in your home?