Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mattress Butt

I've gained weight since moving to Texas. Quite a bit of weight. Like enough to where I'm the fattest I've ever been in my life other than when I was knocked up. I'm to the point where if I gain much more I'll outweigh Sei- and that has never happened, even when preggers. I blame most of it on 1)A LOT of stress. This past year and half has been so stressful with the move, court cases, dealing with a lot of unresolved issues with the ex, etc... 2) My metabolism is so friggin' slow. 3) I love food. 4) I'll exercise, but I'm not consistant like I used to be. I wish I had a workout partner.

So, my SIL and I are teaming together to lose weight together. She's in Idaho, so we're encouraging each other via phone and email. I also have been looking into Advocare products. They carry weight loss products of all kinds, energy drinks, etc... I'm not looking for a magic pill. I'm looking for something to boost my metabolism while curbing my appetite.

I'm a little frustrated because for 5 weeks I was doing boot camp and eating under 1400 calories a day. I lost 4 pounds in 4 weeks. Then I ate somewhat "normal" one weekend and gained it all back. That sucks and it's discouraging. So, I think I will be starting a high protein regimen again because that seems to be the only thing that works FOR ME. I don't do well with working hard and seeing no results. I always lose weight quickly with Atkins and the success helps me stay on track. Plus- I never feel like I'm starving even though I end up eating a lot less. So, we'll see how that goes. My goal is 15 pounds by Thanksgiving. I believe it's very doable.

I need to find a work out schedule that works for me as well. I thought I could exercise during Tristan's early morning scripture study class before I have to wake up Alec for football. Well, because it's so dark outside I have to go to the gym. My gym is only open at 5:30 am on MWF. I can't do Monday's because of Sei's work schedule. Same with every other Friday. I also need to be back by 6:20 am to wake up Alec and take him which leaves me approx. 40 min. to drive to the gym, workout and come back on W and sometimes F- which is better than nothing, but not really worth it. I guess I need to pencil in a workout in the evenings around football and scouts... Or maybe noonish when the babies I watch are sleeping and Sei is home with Liv. Hmmm, that's an idea- although I'm suppose to be working on my medical transcriptionist stuff during that time...

Anyway- so here I am announcing my plans and goals so I have to be accountable. I will be reporting occasionally about my progress. I want to LOOK good. I want to FEEL good. I can do this!! Wish me luck. :)