Sunday, September 06, 2009

Taj is 6 today!

indyTajMy baby boy, Taj, is 6 today. I would brag on what a great baby is was- but he wasn't. But he's a really cute, cool kid now and is loving kindergarten. He's excited to have an Indiana Jones party this week. (Thanks to my BIL for the cool invitation pic.)

 In honor of his birthday I thought I'd post his new favorite bedtime story. It's stinkyawesome and I love telling it to him and laughing with him. It's from the book "The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales."

Once upon a time there was a mommy duck and a daddy duck. They had 6 beautiful ducklings and 1 very ugly duckling. People would tell them, "Wow- what beautiful ducklings you have... all except that one." But this ugly duckling didn't care. He knew he'd probably just grow up to be a beautiful swan or something.

Well, as it turns out, he was just a really ugly duckling. And he grew up to be just a really ugly duck.duckling

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tajy!!!! I love you. You make me smile. :)