Tuesday, September 08, 2009


  • Labor Day was my day off- so I hear. It didn't seem like it. I didn't babysit, but I still had Taj and Liv, and laundry, and dishes.  I threw together an impromptu Labor Day  "Don't Work Yourself To Death" party with my family. Everyone was suppose to dress up as a profession. Can I just say that there sure are a lot of PARTY POOPERS in my family? Yeah- I said it. PARTY POOPERS. Here are the one's that dressed up.... kinda. Can you guess what everyone is?

  • RSCN5830-1024x768

  • DSCN5820

  • BTW- my 1st choice was to be a roller derby player, but I didn't have anything to wear. Then I thought of being a Ghost Hunter from TAPS, then a bobbing head turtle sales lady in Cozumel, a lottery winner... and I finally settled on a croc hunter in honor of Steve Irwin who died 3 years ago on last Friday. I would totally love to have his life... except for the dying part.
  • Alec has his 1st football scrimmage of the season tonite. I'll be sportin' my maroon and black Team Spirit hair flairs. Y'all should seriously check them out. If you think you're too old or uncool to wear them get them for your teen or tween or 10 year old... Isabel wears them. And you for sure can't beat the price with the promo codes on my blog only. I just remembered I bought a cowbell that I will SOOOOO be taking tonite!!

  • I've read thru Pres. Obama's speech at whitehouse.gov. I think the speech is fine. I still wish they had released the text of his speech last week to eleviate any concerns the parent's had because of the silly lesson plans. I don't trust his agenda so I had concerns. And for everyone that said no one made a big deal when Bush spoke to students about not doing drugs back in 1991- that's a load of crap. Just sayin'...