Saturday, October 03, 2009

Christmas savings

I'm writing this with a fuzzy, flu-head, so I hope it makes sense. It's October already. OCTOBER. Christmas is in less than 3 months. I'm freakin' out big time here. I have 5 kids to buy for that will be here, plus my 2 step-daughters who won't be with us this year, extended family members, teachers... I'm starting to hyperventilate. ;) I've been trying to come up with ways to save money, although this year with all the lawyers fees we've had it's been next to impossible. I've been trying to come up with cheap gift ideas. Or maybe one BIG gift for the kids rather than a bunch of little ones. Sei and I actually talked about building a skate ramp. That'd be rad. And since we have so many kids to buy for it'd probably be cheaper to go that route.

I just hate the stress of the holidays because it overshadows what it's all about. Celebrating our Savior's birth shouldn't stress us out or force us into major financial crisis. I had a friend who one year just wanted her son to have a great Christmas so she took out one of those small payday loans. At the time that was her answer. My answer so far has been to start picking up things now. If I see something on sale I try to buy it and put it away. My only problem there is that I usually end up with waaaaay too much because I forget what I've purchased. I'm also trying to stick a little from each paycheck into savings so we have a little to work with. I have to remember that heating costs will be going up- thankfully I'm in Texas so they aren't that bad. But before that happens - like most of Oct. and Nov.- we basically don't use our heat or a/c. I don't think the a/c has clicked on all week. We should take advantage of that and put the money we usually use towards heat or a/c towards Christmas instead. I need to learn to be more disciplined.

What are your best holiday savings tips? Or savings tips in general??