Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crushes from the 90s (besides Donnie Wahlberg)

  • So I arrive at this parent meeting the other nite at the high school for basketball and as I'm about to enter the lecture hall this coach walks up to me to shake my hand. OMG y'all- I seriously thought he was this guy I met in Vegas back when I was 14. They were both tall, dark, and basketball players. It was weird. He sat at the front of the lecture hall during the meeting and I just kept looking at him thinking, "This may be kinda awkward if that IS him..." It wasn't. lol

  • gleamingI used to think Christian Slater was so gorgeous- especially in "Gleaming the Cube." Yeah, he's really not, atleast he wasn't after "Gleaming the Cube"... But I was all about Christian Slater when he was a cool thrasher. I always loved me some skater bad boys!!

  • Another person I thought was so hot: The lead singer of EMF. Idk why. He leaned on the microphone all hot... lol You can see the video here. He "leans" around 1:37. haha

  • Last nite I downloaded some music for my iPod. 2 words: JOHNNY GILL. My sister and I were all about this non-dancing hottie. lol You can see one of my fave songs by him here - he really CANNOT DANCE.

Who were you crushin' on 20 years ago???

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