Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Expert cheap flight finders

Sei and I have been married 8 years. We went on a honeymoon cruise 9 months after we were married. And that was it. That's been our extent of traveling alone pretty much. We are planning on taking another cruise or trip to Hawaii by 2011 for our 10 year anniversary. We are constantly on the lookout for cheap flights or great travel deals. Of course, our trip in 2011 is not the only reason we are looking for affordable airfare. We fly Sei's daughters down to Texas from Canada atleast twice a year. It should be 3 times a year, but we had to forfeit our Fall visit this year because we spent all our money on attorney bills. That was lame. We are already looking for airline tickets for their spring break visit in February or April.  Once we find a great deal we have to jump on it so we don't miss it. Lowfares.com is a site I have found lately that has been instrumental in finding great deals. I'm all about saving money.

What are your travel savings tips? Would you choose a trip to Hawaii or an all-inclusive cruise? Have you visited any all-inclusive resorts? Do tell!!