Friday, October 09, 2009

I will never be popular at parties

My mom plays the piano really well. Her mom, my grandma, always told her if she played the piano she would be popular at parties. When I was younger- like 6 or 7- my parents signed me up to take piano lessons. I think it was more because my older sister was taking lessons so I took lessons too. Much like gymnastics- my older sister took gymnastics so I did too- but was obviously too young to do anything more than somersaults. Anyway... getting off the subject. I took piano lessons and hated it about 96% of the time. I wanted to be able to play without the hard work. I was told you had to work hard to play well which now I know it's a load of crap if you're blessed with a gift like my husband who can literally hear a song on the radio and walk over to the piano and play it beautifully by ear. Yeah- he sucks. (But go buy his cd...) Anyway... wasn't digging all the practicing and quite frankly I never saw myself as a piano player although an electric keyboard may have made me like it more. ;) So, a couple of years into it I quit. I guess I will never be "popular at parties." Bummer. It's ok though because I heard my mom tell others that she knew that my brother and younger sister had "IT"- the gift of music- and that I didn't. No worries- it didn't hurt my feeling because I kinda already knew this because a couple of years after quitting piano I tried the guitar. That lasted approximately 2 months. You know why? Because I had an accoustic guitar and I thought that was so uncool. I wanted an electric. Hey- I was in 5th grade, what do you expect? That fact that I didn't have an electric guitar wasn't the only reason. I just don't have the patience to suck. I just wanna be good. Period. And I wasn't. Period.

So, here I am, 33 years old and I still can't play a musical instrument. I don't play the trumpet, the acordian, the sax... nada. My dream instrument would be to play the drums. I wanna be Watts from "Some Kind of Wonderful."  Or maybe just hook up with a drummer. Well, not NOW obviously... I love my hot man. But back in the day a drummer would've been awesome- Tommy Lee,  Matt Sorum, "How you doin'?" Lars Ulrich... um, yuck.  But now I am waaaaaaaaaay off the subject. Basically this big, long post is to say I can't play a musical instrument, wish I could and if I did it'd be the drums. Or a drum-mer.

Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what? Or if no, do you wish you played one in particular?