Thursday, October 29, 2009

In honor of Halloween

When I was younger I used to see "Static People"- or atleast that's what I called them. I would see people walking or standing in my room. You know how there's like dust and static- well, I thought the people were made out of that. Like, they weren't real. But now, 25 or more years later, I wonder- What *was* I seeing?

I remember one nite, I was probably 4, I saw a really tall, Abraham Lincoln-ish looking man and a short, fat hamburger-eating-guy-from-Popeye looking man standing in my doorway. My parent's room was right next door to mine, but those "static people" scared me so bad that I can vividly remember running to my window, screaming, crying, trying to open the window to get out of my room. My mom came running into the bedroom asking me what happened and why I was at the window. The men in the doorway were gone.

WTH?! What did I see? Was I dreaming? Was it my imagination? Or was it something more? (*insert "Twilight Zone" music here) I've written about Tajy's experiences- which btw have ended since moving to Texas and getting older. I blamed it on Sei's side of the family. Maybe I was wrong...
And of course for Halloween I have to post some "Ghost Hunters." I think I posted these 2 clips before, but THEY ARE A TRIP.