Thursday, October 29, 2009

In which I talk about long things

Ok, this subject may be a little taboo, but here's the thing... I have 3 sons so obviously they all have a penis. Yes- that's the real word for that part of their anatomy. I've always used that word when speaking to them about their "private parts." (I don't wanna keep typing the "P" word because I fear what kind of pervs google will bring here.) Anyway, I've never used words like weinie, pee pee, peter, etc... just like I've never called an injury a "boo boo."  I think this is because when my one and only brother was born my mom never used silly words for, uh, "it" either.  However, and this is kinda funny, I remember SPECIFICALLY referring to a "P" as a "long thing." I don't know where I got this name from- maybe because I knew there was this "long thing" hanging off of boys. Idk. But that's what I called it. I don't understand the made up names for parts of bodies, although I guess I do call brea$ts "b00bs."  Probably the funniest name I've heard for a "P" is from Sei's family. They call it... get ready for a bad image in your head... a POKIE. Yes- a pokie. WTH?

Anyway... no real point to this post other than to voice my opinion that I think silly names for boy's private parts are just that... silly. I mean, yes, if my boy gets kicked in the groin he doesn't yell "Oh! My scrotum!" or "You hurt my testicles!" They yell, "Crap! You got me right in my balls!" (or nuts or whatever...) But it's not because they don't know the correct names. That's just because... well, they're guys. What do you expect?

So, what do you think? Do you use silly names? If so, what is your reasoning behind it? I'm not judging, just curious.