Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's not cute

I babysit kids as most of you know. And you know what???  It's not cute or funny when kids that aren't yours are sticking their fingers under the bathroom door when you're trying to pee. It's just not. It annoys me. It's not cute when they discover they can push the kitchen chair across the floor and climb up on the counter. It's not cute when they find the ice maker on the fridge and push it 13 times a day spilling ice all over the kitchen. It's not cute when they figure out how to crawl out of the porta-crib. It's not cute when they learn to crawl up the stairs or turn the tv on and off.  It's not cute when they pull their diaper off when you think they are taking a nap. There's so many things when YOUR kid does it you think it's funny or cute or "Wow! Look what they learned." You don't think that way (or atleast I don't) when it's not your kid.

And another thing- all MY kids are potty trained, so why am I still changing 3-4 poopy diapers a day?

May 2010 = no more watching babies for me. That is the goal. Pray that I can make my Advocare and Mary Kay businesses successful. I believe in both of them... now if I can believe in myself enough.