Monday, October 26, 2009

Math sucks

I enjoy math and I'm pretty good at it, which is really funny to hear myself say because I thought math was going to kill me in jr. high and high school. My first algebra teacher was a jerk. He was. The students called him "Garden Weasel." He was the boys basketball coach and would hand out points right and left to help the boys pass so they could play- but he'd never help the girls. My class had about 25 kids in it and I would say probably about 18-19 of us failed during one 6 weeks period. To me that says there's a problem with the teaching, not the students.  Now I can solve math problems quickly with no problem, but in that class it seemed like a foreign language.  I remember one test he gave us had 2 "train problems." That was it. If you missed one you failed. I failed.  Sure I could go in for free math help with him, but that was awkward and REALLY uncomfortable. Plus, he'd just reteach it the same way he taught it to begin with... My next algebra teacher was missing 1/2 his tongue because he had mouth cancer. Yeah... kinda hard to understand him.  Hold your tongue and talk. That's what he sounded like. And then my geometry teacher had a son in jail for murder and never, ever turned around to face the class. He'd write everything on the board and then go sit down. I'm surprised I know algebra at all and I still don't know geometry!

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