Wednesday, October 28, 2009

News and stuff...

  • I won the John Lennon (nicest blogger) Award in the Dottie Awards hosted by THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES!!

  • This week has been Halloween week at our house. We've made crafts, carved and painted Jack O' Lanterns and had our annual Halloween Dinner. We ate Monster Claws, Mummy dogs, Bloodshot eyeballs and Witches hats (not pictured.) We drank blood, of course. :) DSCN5957DSCN5956DSCN5961

  • It's been a stressful time because we're back not "in court" but back hiring lawyers & fighting back and forth because we were served a while ago- this time by my ex. I realize it could be a lot worse, but I'm kinda startin' to wonder about that whole, "God won't give you more than you can handle" thing...

  • I'm now an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay. So, now between Advocare and MK I can beautify you from the inside out! :)  I can help with dark circles under the eyes or flab around your waist! :) I'm excited. My sister has been with MK for about 4 years and I've used the products forever. LOVE them! I just now decided I should join her team because... well, why not?? Now, who wants to host a party for me?? :) It can even be an email party- and the hostess gifts are great! Email me!!

  • Taj impresses me. He was invited to a birthday party for Saturday. All I told him was he had a church activity at the same time... and left it at that. On Thursday I said something about Saturday and he said, "That's when Caleb's party is. But I'm going to the activity because it's at the church and that's more important." Who's kid is this?? So cool.

  • Livie is being Cinderella for Halloween and Taj is being an army guy. Liv is waaaaaaaaaaaaay into princesses. :) The 3 older kids will be at the exes. I know the boys are wearing black hoodies with white masks. Idk what Izzy is doing. :( She told me she was being an evil Tinkerbell, but that was the last I heard. I hate not being involved. :(

  • Basketball season for the kiddos starts soon. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  • Did you hear about the man sentenced to over 4000 years in prison for $exually assaulting 3 girls? Yeah, we don't mess around in Texas yo!

So, what's been going on in y'alls lives since I have been a sucky blog reader??