Monday, October 19, 2009

Random Memory Monday

So, today I had a random memory while dropping off my sister at school. I thought "Ah ha! Random Memory Monday!!!" So, I invite you to join me and post about a Random Memory you have and leave your link in my comments since idk how to do Mr. Linky yet. haha;)

Anyway... my very 1st Random Memory Monday... When I was in the 9th grade my sister drove me to school everyday. One day we were on the frontage road, yielding to cars exiting off the highway, behind a school bus. Bus 118 to be exact. The bus yielded, then continued on. My sister slowed, looked over her shoulder to check if cars were exiting right as I looked down to find my eyeliner that had fallen in the floor.... CRASH!!! Apparently the bus had stopped again and my sister's poor '86 Cavelier crashed right into the back of Bus 118. The whole front of her car was squished up-- bad.  But the bus just started driving off because only the 3 kids looking out the back window even knew we hit them. They called to the bus driver to stop. We all pulled over to assess the damage. The bus had... absolutely none. Not a stratch. The car-- BOO.  My parents came and whatever, whatever... blah, blah, blah.

Eventually I went to school. Now, Bus 118 was going to my school, so that was weird. The principal actually called for all the students on Bus 118 to go to the nurse's office to get checked out. Oh-freakin'-brother. I was upset. I sat in the library talking to my bff Stacy about how there was no way any of those kids were injured.  Hello- Cavelier vs. SCHOOL BUS!!!! My teacher saw I was upset and sent me to be checked at the nurse's office too. I sat in there listening to all these kids complain about "sore necks" and "aching backs." OMGosh!!!! Y'all I was PISSED. When the nurse asked me where I had been sitting I said, "In the front seat." She asked if I felt any impact and I said, "Oh yeah! I was in the front seat of the TINY, BLACK CAR that hit the bus and no, MY neck is fine. And those kids saying they were hurt are lying." I was so frustrated I was crying. I stormed out of the nurse's office. I'm pretty positive the car insurance paid for years back doctor appointments for one "injured" child. Gimme a friggin' break- it still pisses me off.

If you were on Bus 118 and said you were hurt- You were full of crap.  Just sayin'...

What's your random memory?!