Saturday, October 03, 2009

To get a dog or not to??

Taj wants a dog. Isabel wants a dog. Tristan and Alec want a dog. I say we have a snake and I'm good. Considering I'm the only one that thinks to feed Wormy, or clean the poop out of her cage or hold her, or anything... I worry that would be the case with a dog as well. I've only had a  dog for a short while and she was an old, fat mama-like dog who didn't care if the kids rode around on her back. If we have a dog I want one that's good with kids, protective, fun... but knows how to behave. It's also staying outside. And we're naming it Indiana. Because I'm pretty sure I'd be the main caretaker so I'm naming him. :) "We named the dog Indiana!" (What Movie??:))

I know I don't want a puppy. I'm not waking up in the middle of the nite to a whiney puppy. I already did that with 5 kids. I'm not doing it for a dog. Sorry. I also don't want it trash our stuff. Like if we build the skate ramp, I don't want it to become one of those dog ramps where she's using it more than the kids?? But the kids swear that they'll let me find the perfect dog and they'll take care of it. I say... "Yeah, you can't even wipe your spit outta the sink..." 

So... as you can see I totally lean more towards NO!! but I also think I'd love the kids to have the chance to own a dog. Idk... Any dog lovers out there that wanna talk me into it? And how much does a dog cost you a year??  (That's another huge concern.) Any particular breed of dog you'd suggest?